Golf Tuition    

Eastwood Golf Club employ Certified PGA professionals to provide golf tuition services to all players. 

The use of video analysis allows the client to receive a visual experience them self, and gain knowledge on their own swing and the cause and effects of their swing characteristics.

Addition to this, the Flight Scope launch monitor is now in use at Eastwood. When booking a golf lesson, the Flight Scope Launch Monitor can be used to provide data analysis on your swing and ball flight. 

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Addition to your club and ball data, services such as club distance gaping, skills test challenge (have your own file that you can revisit and compare to your previous results, and others around the world who use Flight Scope), Trajectory optimizer and video can be provided.

Available data includes:

Ball Data

Ball speed, Vertical launch angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Vertical Descent Angle, Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Carry Distance, Roll Distance, Total Distance, Lateral Landing, Apex Height, Flight Time, Shot Dispersion, Skills Distance to Pin, Skills Score

Club Data

Low Point, Club Speed, Club Speed Profile, Club Acceleration Profile, Face to Target, Face to Path, Dynamic Loft, Angle of Attack, Club Path, Spin Loft, Vertical Swing Plane, Horizontal Swing Plane


To book or enquire more about golf tuition, call 9728 1276 or email


Women’s Golf    

Eastwood Golf Club operate different Women’s Golf Programs to introduce Women to the game of golf and on-course playing experience.

Further information on Women’s golf can be attained by calling 9728 1276 or email